Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oy Vey!

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  1. you know, i was always wondering, i am still wondering.
    what dose HE think while he is oiveying like this.
    i can imagine what do his chasidim think, they most think that he is moving worlds up there, breaking closed gates and so.
    but HE?! he knows the truth.
    I wonder.

  2. Shtreimel,

    Now I realize why you're so off the derech and so turned off to Yiddishkeit: It's because your background is based on Chassidus, which is laughable and downright weird. This clip is a perfect example of many.

    I can't say I blame you as much anymore.

  3. >but HE?! he knows the truth.

    What does THAT mean? A skeptic Rebbeh?

  4. He forgot to apply his Preperation H.

  5. Ahhh, the fine line between delusional religion and psychosis. To his chasidim, this rebbe is a tzadik; to anyone trained in the field of mental health, this man should be medicated!

  6. Enigma is still around! I know that all is well in the OTD community.

    On the point of this post, I started to imagine part way through that the guy was from an African tribe and doing some sort of animist demon-possession ritual. Hmph.

    I'm glad to see as well that despite the ConArtistic phase and the good and bad times, Shtreimel is alive and presumably well.

    Best to all of the OTDs,

  7. At the end of the day every person is alone. But there are two attitudes one can have to his loneliness. He can either experience it as misery, something to escape from by constantly distracting himself with social interactions. Or he can relish it as a special gift and opportunity for him to develop his own space and his relationship with G-d who is always there with him.


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